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Pokémon Neo Genesis Cards

Pokémon Neo Genesis Set Cards

In the Pokémon trading card game, from Wizards Of The Coast, one of the goals is to collect each of the cards. Not all Pokémon cards are as easy to collect as others. The energy cards are the most basic and most common cards. The Pokémon, Evolution, and Trainer cards come in four different varieties. Common cards are marked on the bottom right-hand corner with a Common symbol. Uncommon cards are marked on the bottom right-hand corner with a Uncommon symbol. Rare cards are marked on the bottom right-hand corner with a Rare symbol. Some of the rare cards are ultra-rare holographic foil cards (designated as URH below). These are the hardest of all to find. Currently there are eight card sets available in America: Pokémon Base Set, Pokémon Jungle, Pokémon Fossil, Pokémon Base Set 2, Pokémon Team Rocket, Pokémon Gym Heroes, Pokémon Gym Challenge, and Pokémon Neo Genesis.

To play the game you and your opponent will each need a deck of 60 cards, a coin to flip, and damage counters to make damage on your Pokémon. You and your opponent take turns playing cards from you hands. Some of these cards are Basic Pokémon. You can use Evolution cards to grow them into bigger Pokémon and use Energy cards to power them. Trainer cards allow you to do specialized things with your deck or cards.

For more detailed play instructions, see the Pokémon Play Info portion of this web site.

Pokémon Neo Genesis Card List

  1. (URH) Ampharos
  2. (URH) Azumarill
  3. (URH) Bellossom
  4. (URH) Feraligatr, Level 56
  5. (URH) Feraligatr, Level 59
  6. (URH) Heracross
  7. (URH) Jumpluff
  8. (URH) Kingdra
  9. (URH) Lugia
  10. (URH) Meganium, Level 54
  11. (URH) Meganium, Level 57
  12. (URH) Pichu
  13. (URH) Skarmory
  14. (URH) Slowking
  15. (URH) Steelix
  16. (URH) Togetic
  17. (URH) Typhlosion, Level 55
  18. (URH) Typhlosion, Level 57
  19. (URH) Metal Energy
  20. Rare Cleffa
  21. Rare Donphan
  22. Rare Elekid
  23. Rare Magby
  24. Rare Murkrows
  25. Rare Sneasel
  26. Uncommon Aipom
  27. Uncommon Ariados
  28. Uncommon Bayleef, Level 22
  29. Uncommon Bayleef, Level 39
  30. Uncommon Clefairy
  31. Uncommon Croconaw, Level 34
  32. Uncommon Croconaw, Level 41
  33. Uncommon Electabuzz
  34. Uncommon Flaaffy
  35. Uncommon Furret
  36. Uncommon Gloom
  37. Uncommon Granbull
  1. Uncommon Lanturn
  2. Uncommon Ledian
  3. Uncommon Magmar
  4. Uncommon Miltank
  5. Uncommon Noctowl
  6. Uncommon Phanpy
  7. Uncommon Piloswine
  8. Uncommon Quagsire
  9. Uncommon Quilava, Level. 28
  10. Uncommon Quilava, Level 35
  11. Uncommon Seadra
  12. Uncommon Skiploom
  13. Uncommon Sunflora
  14. Uncommon Togepi
  15. Uncommon Xatu
  16. Common Chikorita, Level 12
  17. Common Chikorita, Level 19
  18. Common Chinchou
  19. Common Cyndaquil, Level 14
  20. Common Cyndaquil, Level 21
  21. Common Girafarig
  22. Common Gligar
  23. Common Hoothoot
  24. Common Hopip
  25. Common Horsea
  26. Common Ledyba
  27. Common Mantine
  28. Common Mareep
  29. Common Marill
  30. Common Natu
  31. Common Oddish
  32. Common Onix
  33. Common Pikachu
  34. Common Sentret
  35. Common Shuckle
  36. Common Slowpoke
  37. Common Snubbull
  1. Common Spinarak
  2. Common Stantler
  3. Common Sudowoodo
  4. Common Sunkern
  5. Common Swinub
  6. Common Totodile, Level. 8
  7. Common Totodile, Level 20
  8. Common Wooper
  9. Rare Arcade Game
  10. Rare Ecogym
  11. Rare Energy Charge
  12. Rare Focus Gear
  13. Rare Mary
  14. Rare PokéGear
  15. Rare Super Energy Retrieval
  16. Rare Time Capsule
  17. Uncommon Bill's Teleporter
  18. Uncommon Card-Flip Game
  19. Uncommon Gold Berry
  20. Uncommon Miracle Berry
  21. Uncommon New Pokédex
  22. Uncommon Professor Elm
  23. Uncommon Sprout Tower
  24. Uncommon Super Scoop Up
  25. Common Berry
  26. Common Double Gust
  27. Common Moo-Moo Milk
  28. Common Pokémon March
  29. Common Super Rod
  30. Rare Darkness Energy
  31. Rare Recycle Energy
  32. Fighting Energy Fighting Energy
  33. Fire Energy Fire Energy
  34. Grass Energy Grass Energy
  35. Lightning Energy Lightning Energy
  36. Psychic Energy Psychic Energy
  37. Water Energy Water Energy

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