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Pokémon Base Set 2 Cards

Pokémon Base Set 2 Cards

Base Set 2 is a selection of 130 cards from the original Base Set and Jungle expansion, bearing the Base Set 2 symbol. In the Pokémon trading card game, from Wizards Of The Coast, one of the goals is to collect each of the cards. Not all Pokémon cards are as easy to collect as others. The energy cards are the most basic and most common cards. The Pokémon, Evolution, and Trainer cards come in four different varieties. Common cards are marked on the bottom right-hand corner with a Common symbol. Uncommon cards are marked on the bottom right-hand corner with a Uncommon symbol. Rare cards are marked on the bottom right-hand corner with a Rare symbol. Some of the rare cards are ultra-rare holographic foil cards (designated as URH below). These are the hardest of all to find. Currently there are seven card sets available in America: The Pokémon Base Set Cards, The Pokémon Jungle Cards, The Pokémon Fossil Cards, The Pokémon Base Set 2 Cards, The Pokémon Team Rocket Cards, The Pokémon Gym Heroes Cards, and The Pokémon Gym Challenge Cards.

To play the game you and your opponent will each need a deck of 60 cards, a coin to flip, and damage counters to make damage on your Pokémon. You and your opponent take turns playing cards from you hands. Some of these cards are Basic Pokémon. You can use Evolution cards to grow them into bigger Pokémon and use Energy cards to power them. Trainer cards allow you to do specialized things with your deck or cards.

For more detailed play instructions, see the Pokémon Play Info portion of this web site. The card lists below have links that will take you to a large image of each card. There you can find each Pokémon's attack, hit points, energy needs, and other information.

Complete Pokémon Base Set 2 Card List

  1. (URH) Alakazam
  2. (URH) Blastoise
  3. (URH) Chansey
  4. (URH) Charizard
  5. (URH) Clefable
  6. (URH) Clefairy
  7. (URH) Gyarados
  8. (URH) Hitmonchan
  9. (URH) Magneton
  10. (URH) Mewtwo
  11. (URH) Nidoking
  12. (URH) Nidoqueen
  13. (URH) Ninetales
  14. (URH) Pidgeot
  15. (URH) Poliwrath
  16. (URH) Raichu
  17. (URH) Scyther
  18. (URH) Venusaur
  19. (URH) Wigglytuff
  20. (URH) Zapdos
  21. Rare Beedrill
  22. Rare Dragonair
  23. Rare Dugtrio
  24. Rare Electabuzz
  25. Rare Electrode
  26. Rare Kangaskhan
  27. Rare Mr. Mime
  28. Rare Pidgeotto
  29. Rare Pinsir
  30. Rare Snorlax
  31. Rare Venomoth
  32. Rare Victreebel
  33. Uncommon Arcanine
  34. Uncommon Butterfree
  35. Uncommon Charmeleon
  36. Uncommon Dewgong
  37. Uncommon Dodrio
  38. Uncommon Dratini
  39. Uncommon Exeggutor
  40. Uncommon Farfetch'd
  41. Uncommon Fearow
  42. Uncommon Growlithe
  43. Uncommon Haunter
  44. Uncommon Ivysaur
  1. Uncommon Jynx
  2. Uncommon Kadabra
  3. Uncommon Kakuna
  4. Uncommon Likitung
  5. Uncommon Machoke
  6. Uncommon Magikarp
  7. Uncommon Magmar
  8. Uncommon Marowak
  9. Uncommon Nidorina
  10. Uncommon Nidorino
  11. Uncommon Parasect
  12. Uncommon Persian
  13. Uncommon Poliwhirl
  14. Uncommon Raticate
  15. Uncommon Rhydon
  16. Uncommon Seaking
  17. Uncommon Seel
  18. Uncommon Tauros
  19. Uncommon Wartortle
  20. Uncommon Weepinbell
  21. Common Abra
  22. Common Bellsprout
  23. Common Bulbasaur
  24. Common Caterpie
  25. Common Charmander
  26. Common Cubone
  27. Common Diglett
  28. Common Doduo
  29. Common Drowzee
  30. Common Exeggcute
  31. Common Gastly
  32. Common Goldeen
  33. Common Jigglypuff
  34. Common Machop
  35. Common Magnemite
  36. Common Meowth
  37. Common Metapod
  38. Common Nidoran (F)
  39. Common Nidoran (M)
  40. Common Onix
  41. Common Paras
  42. Common Pidgey
  43. Common Pikachu
  44. Common Poliwag
  1. Common Rattata
  2. Common Rhyhorn
  3. Common Sandshrew
  4. Common Spearow
  5. Common Squirtle
  6. Common Starmie
  7. Common Staryu
  8. Common Tangela
  9. Common Venonat
  10. Common Voltorb
  11. Common Vulpix
  12. Common Weedle
  13. Rare Computer Search
  14. Rare Imposter Professor Oak
  15. Rare Item Finder
  16. Rare Lass
  17. Rare Pokémon Breeder
  18. Rare Pokémon Trader
  19. Rare Scoop Up
  20. Rare Super Energy Removal
  21. Uncommon Defender
  22. Uncommon Energy Retrieval
  23. Uncommon Full Heal
  24. Uncommon Maintenance
  25. Uncommon PlusPower
  26. Uncommon Pokémon Center
  27. Uncommon Pokédex
  28. Uncommon Professor Oak
  29. Uncommon Super Potion
  30. Common Bill
  31. Common Energy Removal
  32. Common Gust Of Wind
  33. Common Poké Ball
  34. Common Potion
  35. Common Switch
  36. Colorless Energy Double Colorless nergy
  37. Fighting Energy Fighting Energy
  38. Fire Energy Fire Energy
  39. Grass Energy Grass Energy
  40. Lightning Energy Lightning Energy
  41. Psychic Energy Psychic Energy
  42. Water Energy Water Energy

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